Tradition and Innovation

Between Past And Present

The Seguinot family’s roots in Maligny, the front door to Chablis, can be traced as far back as 1590 when they began to write their history.

Our Vines

Resting on the sloping right bank of the serein river, 16 hectares lie on a perfect south / south-east exposition.

The Right Bank Of The Serein

Historical site of the birth of Chablis. Rich soils from The Kimmerridgian give our wines their specificity and unique “iodine” character. This maritime origin gives our wines a specific iodine character, genuine and inimitable typicity.

Winemaker, A Real Job

We have nothing to hide from you, absolutely nothing. Come see our vines, tightly planted, from rigorous family and massal selections (the oldest have the venerable age of my grand father’s)They are lovingly planted with an eco-friendly respect of the balance of nature. Come visit in the winter, when they rest and we plough… Come visit in the spring, when we prune and debud… Come visit in the summer to see them grow and burst with sap… Come visit during harvest, in the happy and festive atmosphere of picking ripe grapes, and watch the marvelous juice which runs like gold which has emprisonned the rays of sunshine. Just before it slowly starts humming while fermenting… Come and visit us !